Pugilistics is a start up dedicated to supporting rising MMA fighters as they push through the ranks. 

We design and create custom walk-out shirts, and gear for fighters in preparation for their fights. 
How we work: 
We design the apparel completely unique to each fighter, this is no cookie cutter designing. 

We will get to know each fighter and discuss the design from conception all the way to production.

 Their input is vital to creating a solid design. Once the design is finalized the fighter runs a pre-order in their local area selling at whatever price they choose (this is reflected in the online store). 

Once the pre-order is over the fighter sends us the cost and we send them the product. 

At the same time we will list the shirt on our site, and send them the same margin they had in the pre-order as long as it continues to be sold.

This is the best way we believe we can put money in the hands of fighters who need it most. 
Any questions or inquiring fighters can be directed at casey@pugilistics.com